College Selection/Fit and Match

One important aspect of college success is making sure the college selected to attend is a good “fit and match”. The number of college options can be overwhelming. Here is a worksheet/form that any student can use to help narrow down the choices. College Research Worksheet_for students_editable__Apr2020

FAFSA Resources

Below are a number of resources available to assist you in filling out the FAFSA. Scroll down for NSHE Financial Aid contact information.


What is an FSA ID? (Hint: Parents need one too!):

I forgot my FSA ID and password:

Completing the FAFSA

Am I Dependent or Independent? Find out your dependency status for financial aid purposes: DependencyStatusQuestionnaire

FAFSA on the Web Worksheet – see a preview of the questions on the FAFSA you may be asked to complete: Sample2021-2022FAFSAWorksheet

FAFSA on the Web Worksheet in Spanish – see a preview of the questions on the FAFSA you may be asked to complete: 2021-2022-FAFSA-Worksheet-Spanish

Complete the FAFSA here:

Using the IRS Data Retrieving Tool (DRT):

FAFSA Demonstration Site:

After Completing the FAFSA

What’s Next Document:

What is the Student Aid Report (SAR)?:

Need to correct your FAFSA? Visit this page:

What happens after you fill out the FAFSA? Visit this page for answers to many questions: 

Contact Information

If you have additional questions or would like one-to-one assistance, contact your admissions representative or your institution’s financial aid office.

UNLV:, 833-318-1228, School Code: 002569

UNR:, 775-784-4666,, School Code: 002568

NSC:, 702-992-2150,, School Code: 041143

CSN:, 702-651-4303, Email:, School Code: 010362

GBC:, 775-753-2399, School Code: 006977

TMCC:, 775-673-7072, Email:, School Code: 010363

WNC:, 775-445-3264,, School Code: 013896

NV State GEAR UP (Bonanza High School, Pahrump Valley High School, Durango High School, Clark High School, and Mineral County High School only):

UNLV: Kat Burdick, 

UNR: To be determined

NSC: To be determined

CSN: Morgan Haynes,

GBC: Tricia Martin,

TMCC: Jairon Castellanos-Boteo,

WNC: Tawnie Wentz,